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So sick... of shit... Really. I'm sick of worrying about the loss of electricity in my home...  So I have lost electricity in this house twice in the past year, and all I think of is how many times I spent winters without heat... frozen clothes without a coat... I want to be better than my parents ... but I have clearly failed if I can't keep the...

Things you can see...

So, it has been a while since I even thought to look at this blog.  It is still here.  huh... I guess I expected that.  I can also see that when I am not posting, no one reads.  Huh, no surprise there as well.  So here is a quick post for you to read something.  As well, if you follow my works at all, I have a new children's book out and you...

New looks change nothing

I've been at this crossroads of depression and forced motivation.  I really want to just get up, gorge on food, and then just sleep away the day.  Better yet, I could just read until I sleep and then wake to do the same in a cycle day after day.  Or I could just camp on the small couch that hurts my body to try to conform to it's shape as I try...

And here we all are...

I have spent an enormous amount of time wasting my life sitting in this solitary chair doing little more but wonder what else I can look up here online.  I'm sure it is no surprise to know that I spend a fair amount of my time on Facebook.  Some of it is for the promoting of my shit, but mostly I just follow posts and look up articles that others...

Locked in

I'm going crazy locked in this apartment.  You really have no idea how nice it is to get out once in a while just to go for coffee, of a candy bar or just to go for a little walk until you can't.  It has been about a month since I've been stuck inside of my apartment, and already it's driving me mad. Still, this is far better than the...

And, well, yup...

So, it has been quiet some time since I bothered to get back to this.  Here I am.  Really, I should make time to do more of these since I really have tons of time to waste.  I'm stuck here in my house with electronic shackles.  It's kind of an interesting experience that I am happy to say could have been so much worse. It will be a summer of...

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