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And here we all are...

I have spent an enormous amount of time wasting my life sitting in this solitary chair doing little more but wonder what else I can look up here online.  I'm sure it is no surprise to know that I spend a fair amount of my time on Facebook.  Some of it is for the promoting of my shit, but mostly I just follow posts and look up articles that others...

Locked in

I'm going crazy locked in this apartment.  You really have no idea how nice it is to get out once in a while just to go for coffee, of a candy bar or just to go for a little walk until you can't.  It has been about a month since I've been stuck inside of my apartment, and already it's driving me mad. Still, this is far better than the...

And, well, yup...

So, it has been quiet some time since I bothered to get back to this.  Here I am.  Really, I should make time to do more of these since I really have tons of time to waste.  I'm stuck here in my house with electronic shackles.  It's kind of an interesting experience that I am happy to say could have been so much worse. It will be a summer of...

What the fuck happened to me?

I pride myself on the ability to be knowledgeable... I fucked up... Okay, so long and short of it is, I got popped for DUI... 2nd... okay, Ignorance says it will be cool... but not really... reality states that I have 90 day incarceration... 45 in jail, 45 house arrest... I can't eat or sleep... I feel nausea all the time. I blame my self....

this is a distraction

How long do I let this go before writing in this again?  How long do I fucking forget about this?  And then I feel guilty about not writing here?  No, not really.  I feel like I should maintain this better, but I probably won't. Okay, enough about that shit.  I have been suffering what I would call a lack of motivation.  Is it depression?...

Why must I keep reading that comic?

Okay, so there is a webcomic that I found, and I keep reading it.  First off, the art is not amazing in my opinion, but then any art that is consistent is amazing since I suck at that.  Second, the story is all sorts of romantic... not my flavor of much of anything unless it's fucked up.  But then, that might be it.... The story is about a...

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